Welcome to the new spring season!
Our main purpose is to spread joy,
happiness, and playfulness in your home.

Enjoy the feeling of summer, the pretty
photos, the colors, and all the beautiful
products guaranteeing a smile on your face.

We are kick starting spring
with a tableware party!

For SS20 we present two brand new
collections, LACE and CANDY, both built
around the iconic Miss Étoile eyes. We also
give you several new lovely giftboxes,
gifts that definitely will stand out in a crowd.

Go ice cream bonanza with our new accessories for
serving or making custom made popsicle from scratch!

And last but not least. New fabulous jars for small
items, flowers or “just” as a lovely decoration. Combined
with lots of old friends to keep them company ...

Christmas comes early this year

This season we are also bringing you even more joy,
with an early access to our 2020 christmas collection!


Company profile




Miss Étoile is lifestyle with a lot of joy. Our brand is mainly about
setting the table including kitchen articles, and we work
seriously with every new product
to make it fit into our collection.

The collection aims to inspire to a more enjoyable and colourful living.

We carefully design our products remembering who we are with
a lively approach, passion for colours and attention to details. 

The essence of the Miss Étoile collection must be our beloved eyes.
In every collection, you can find our iconic motif on selected items.
Our collection with open and closed eyes has been a major part
of our DNA since the beginning of our brand.

The collection increases every season,
as we developed new designs mixed with new colors.



made With lots of love for the winter season.